Breathable Casual Invisible Elevator Shoes Sneakers 8cm

Breathable Casual Invisible Heightening Sports Running Shoes 8cm Most use sheepskin shoes to make uppers, sheepskin shoes will be much softer than cowhide Elevator Shoes Sneakers, and sheepskin shoes are more breathable. Good sheepskin is also very good, and the texture of the sheepskin is delicate and beautiful. The cowhide is very strong, heavy and wearable, but it is not as comfortable as sheepskin. Sheepskin is a delicate and soft leather. If it is not properly maintained, the life of sheepskin shoes will be shortened. Usually sheepskin shoes have a shorter life than cowhide shoes and the price is lower than that of cowhide shoes.

Sheepskin shoes maintenance: Usually after the shoes are worn dirty, you must first clean the Elevator Shoes Sneakers and then oil, otherwise it will be difficult to clean the dirty places. The shoes are stained with mud and used a soft brush. Always keep dry and avoid wearing it in rain or snow. In case of rain or snow, immediately dry it with a dry cloth, rub it with shoe polish, and put it dry in the dry place; avoid wearing sun and fire on the shoes to prevent brittleness, cracking or shrinking.

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

The cowhide layered skin and the second layer skin, and the head layer is divided into full grain surface, half grain surface, shaving surface, embossing, special effect and the like. Nowadays, the leather Elevator Sneakers in the regular shopping malls are mostly the first layer of cowhide. We increased leather shoes usually use the first layer of cowhide for the upper material, which has strong toughness, folding resistance and wear resistance.

Identification of cowhide: The artificial material has a very strong sense of plastic, and the gloss is bright. The winter hand touch has a cold feeling, and the leather has a smooth hand touch without a cold feeling. You can also use the thumb to press the softer part of the finished product. There will be many small and even patterns on the dermis around the thumb. The thumb will lift and the pattern will disappear. The artificial material may have no pattern, and there may be coarse lines, the thumb is lifted, and the pattern is Does not disappear, indicating that the grain layer on the surface of the material and the underlying mesh layer have been disengaged.

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

Identification of the dermis or artificial leather can also observe the cross section, the dermis section is composed of irregular fibers. After scraping the broken skin fiber with the fingernail, the cross section has no obvious change. For the dermis, the texture of the different parts is irregular, the nose smells smelly, and the artificial leather Smell the plastic or rubber smell, the texture rules of each part are the same. In addition, you can also look at the reverse side of the leather, looking for parts that are not folded. If it is a base fabric, it must be artificial leather or synthetic leather.

Elevator Shoes Sneakers

Leather care: basic maintenance items for shoes: basic items for maintenance Elevator Sneakers are shoe brush, cleaning oil, shoe polish, cloth, waterproof spray and so on. Good use of horse hair shoe brush, and at least have two, large brush shoes overall, small brush detail. Shoe polish should match the color of the shoe. Brown shoes with brown shoe polish and black with black shoe polish. When the quality of the shoe polish does not match the quality of the cleaning oil, the shoes may change color, so when you clean the shoes, you should wipe them from an inconspicuous place. If the shoes are accidentally wetted by water, the shoes should be placed in a cool, ventilated place, dry, not exposed to the sun, not to dry or blow dry under the hair dryer, so that the shoes are warped and the leather surface burst. And avoid contact with oil, acid, alkaline chemicals, because it will cause serious damage to the cortex.