New Invisible Men’s Casual Height Shoes Increased 6cm

Women wearing Height Shoes can walk through the market in a grandiose manner, and men who are not tall will not have a pair of high-heeled shoes to change their height so that they become tall and handsome instantly? In this case, there is a men’s heightening shoe. In fact, whether it is a men’s high shoes or women’s high shoes are: ordinary shoes (shoes, running shoes) + heightened insoles (invisible heights according to human foot structure and scientific physiological mechanics) That is, a layer of raised insole is placed on the sole of the ordinary shoe, and the shoe mold of the ordinary shoe is modified and can be properly placed.

New Invisible Height Shoes Men’s shoes Casual Shoes Increased 6 cm is the same as high heels, which can increase the physical height of people. Men’s high-heeled shoes are actually the same as women’s high-heeled shoes, but the men’s inner shoes are invisible, and the appearance is the same as the shoes. I can’t see it at all.

Height Shoes

How to choose shoes for men’s heightening: Men’s shoes are now branded a lot. In fact, brands are not the most important. It is important to choose the right ones, the results are effective, and the quality is no problem. Some inner heightening shoes are as comfortable as flat shoes, while some inner heightening shoes are as uncomfortable as Height Increasing Shoes and even affect health. So how do you choose to increase your shoes?

In general, the choice of men’s internal shoes such as the choice of ordinary shoes is similar, mainly to see the material. How to choose ordinary shoes will not be repeated, mainly introduce the following two points to pay attention to: First, look at the high-rise: the high-increasing shoes are now used to import the PU to increase the high-rise, the curve design with the foot shape, increase the insole It is made of one mold and one mold. It has high elasticity, but it will not sag. At the same time, it has a comfortable curve design, which is in line with human physiology and is naturally comfortable to wear.

Height Shoes

And the difference in the increase in the number of shoes is called nano ah and other materials, and the actual use of such as foam, wood and other inferior materials, or even hand-cut, is simply simple, just put on hard and uncomfortable, not only will sink, resulting in left and right feet The height is uneven, and it feels like the feet are empty, and the feeling of high heels that are obviously leaning forward is not good for the health of the feet.

Height Shoes

Look at the soles: the soles of good Height Increasing Shoes are made of high-quality rubber or polyurethane. Such soles are more wear-resistant and durable, while the poorly-increased shoes use cheap soles, which are extremely easy to wear and even break the bottom. These can simply choose a pair of good men’s shoes, of course, there are more factors, such as workmanship, details, brand, style, after-sales, etc.